Personal Details.

My name is Jason, i'm sixteen years old & an aspiring writer & History nerd.
I decided to enter the already thriving blogging community as I feel the need to explore my passion for fashion journalism. Other blogs tend to be all about 'OOTD's' & personal obsessions but I wish to be a bit more creative. My posts are more in the style of an editor & I write about the world of high fashion & my opinions on current trends as opposed to a step by step view of my own style. I'm hoping to develop my writing style and communicate with an audience that is more familiar with the style of editorials and features. My main style of writing is to link social articles with the influence of the fashion world. Thank you to all of you that take the time to comment, read & share my blog and I look forward to seeing where developing this blog can take me in life. I hope I manage to provide entertainment and an insightful view into certain areas of the fashion world.